Rally pastors and musicians

We want to introduce you to our Rally pastors.

Ulf Mannebäck, biker pastor and director Church on Wheels. Living in Linghem, Linköping with his wife Elisabeth.

Ulf Mannebäck

Pär Alfredsson, biker pastor in Con Dios MC, Church on Wheels and national manager in Uniting Church in Sweden. Living on the island Öckerö, Gothenburg with his wife Jeanette.

Pär Alfredsson

Musicians at EMC Rally 2020

Jeanette Alfredsson, Con Dios MC and worship leader. Living on the island Öckerö, Gothenburg with her husband Pär. See a video below and listen to her on Spotify.

Jeanette Alfredsson

BnST (Brothers’n Strangers) is a Swedish rock band which where active during the most part of the 90th.
The band did unexpectedly comeback 2015 after receiving a call from God. Their album “Back on track” was released late spring 2015.
The singer Marcus Johansson who have been calling himself a Christian all of his life received Jesus in his heart for real 2014 and was saved from a lukewarm life. This led to that the band started up again.
BnST now gig for one and only reasonav: To spread the gospel of the love of Jesus, that he has open the way to God for all people. The band also want to reveal the serious problem with lukewarmth and point out the path to deliverance!

Don´t miss their concert on saturday!